Thrive Tutoring is a boutique service in Tennessee for one-on-one, in-home academic tutoring, academic intervention, and test preparation. We also offer advocacy/IEP support, homeschool teacher matching, and group classes.

Why choose Thrive?

We are a boutique personalized learning service. From your first call with our administrative team to meeting your child’s perfect tutor match, you are a part of the family here.

At Thrive, we have an extremely high bar of excellence, which translates to recruiting, vetting, and hiring exceptional educators and leaders who have a track record of leading students to significant academic gains. When you work with us, your tutor will design a student learning plan and lesson plans specifically for your child. In other words, our instruction and our approach are completely tailored to the needs and goals of every child, and we do not use a cookie-cutter curriculum. We know there are a variety of options when it comes to selecting a learning specialist for your child, but families come to us when they are looking to hire the best of the best teacher for their child.

Another important feature of our business is that we believe high-quality, personalized academic support should be available to all students, particularly those in high-need communities. We are providing free math tutoring to K-8 students in need through our nonprofit partner organization, Thrive 4 All. We hope you consider getting involved with our community work at Thrive 4 All.

What subjects and grade levels do you support?

We support all subject areas and grade levels from pre-kindergarten through college and beyond. 

For our young learners, we support with foundational reading, writing, and mathematics. Many families reach out to us for academic intervention for students who have a diagnosed or suspected learning disability. Our teachers are trained in a variety of intervention methods and programs, such as Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Barton, and SPIRE. We also provide enrichment lessons for gifted learners where we focus on STEAM content and hone in on building more sophisticated writing and critical thinking skills.

Many of our middle schoolers either need subject area support, academic intervention for reading or math deficits, or executive functioning support through the lens of all of their classes—or a combo of these services.

We have a comprehensive list of high school subjects on our Service page. We cover all regular, honors, and AP courses. We also offer test preparation for ACT, SAT, PSAT, ISEE, and GRE. 

Do you have experience working with student with special needs?

Absolutely. We embrace all individuals and the qualities that make them unique. In fact, about 70% of the students we serve have an IEP or 504 plan. Many of our teachers are K-12 SpEd certified. 

Where will the tutoring sessions take place?

We meet in your home or at a nearby public location like a local coffee shop or library.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions are typically an hour, but the length varies from student to student depending on what they need, as well as other factors such as family budget and scheduling constraints. Sessions are billed to the nearest minute mark.

How frequently do students receive tutoring services?

It depends! The frequency of tutoring sessions depends on a variety of factors, such as student needs and goals, family schedule, family budget, etc. We find that most students are tutored once or twice per week.

Do your teachers have experience with Orton-Gillingham or other intervention programs?

Yes! We have a team of over 100 educators, and their experience is diverse. Many have been formally trained in Orton-Gillingham or a similar multi-sensory method (Wilson, SPIRE, Barton, etc.). Our team also has experience with Heggerty, Singapore Math, Reading Mastery, Seeing Stars, Read Naturally, Saxon Math, Math Wise, and many other academic curricula and intervention programs.

Do you use a predetermined curriculum?

No, we do not use a predetermined curriculum because there simply isn’t one silver-bullet program that meets the needs of all learners. We hire expert educators who develop a student learning plan and lesson plans specifically for each child. Our lessons are as unique as the children we serve, but they are all rooted in evidence-based approaches, such as Orton-Gillingham. We promise to deliver the highest quality instruction that will help your child meet goals and get results.

What are the next steps to sign up my child for a service?

The first step is filling out our interest form. We look forward to getting to know you and your family.

How does the whole intake and matching process work?

Once you fill out our interest form, we will call you for a quick chat over the phone to learn a little more of your story. From there, we will either schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to meet your child/children if we feel like additional information is needed to make the best tutor match(es). We will then work internally as a team to determine the best tutor recommendation for your child/children. We will follow up with your via email with the tutor’s bio, price point, and availability. When we get your confirmation to move forward, we will connect you with the tutor via email. The tutor will reach out to you to get scheduled for the first session.

How and when do I pay?

Before the first session, the client is added to our software called TutorCruncher. In TutorCruncher, the client will add payment information. When a tutor completes each session, they will edit the start and end time of the session, type up post-session notes, and submit the lesson. Upon submission, the client is charged and the payroll for the tutor is prepared, and the client receives post-session notes. 

May I pay my child's tutor directly?

Please do not pay the tutor directly as our accounting team processes all payments centrally and takes care of paperwork for taxes. Our teachers are all independent contractors. We handle their payroll and tax paperwork internally.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session, please give us as much notice as possible. Cancellations with less than 24-hours notice will be charged in full. That said, we understand that emergencies happen and illness can occur suddenly. We take on good faith when cancellations occur due to sickness, and we expect that they align with missed school days. When a child is sick, cancellations made with less than three-hours notice will be charged in full. To cancel, please contact your tutor directly.