Virtual Learning

As schools and learning centers suspend in-person classes due to the spread of COVID-19, we are stepping up our work to support students in new ways. During this time, we are offering  virtual test prep and virtual tutoring across all subjects, as well as personalized resource packets designed for your student.

Virtual Tutoring Sessions

Whether your student needs test prep or academic support, we are now meeting students online for virtual tutoring through a video conferencing service. Our online system is easy and efficient, and our tutors are prepared to lead high-impact virtual tutoring sessions for K-12 and college students across all subjects, including test prep. Virtual tutoring is available seven days a week, most hours of the day.

Personalized Learning Resources

Our team can create personalized learning resources for your child. While these packets are fully customizable, most include two hours of intentional learning opportunities for each day of the week—10 hours of lessons per packet. The resources are designed to meet your child where they are and help them grow academically during this unprecedented time while school is out. We will also provide links to a variety of supplementary online resources to reinforce learning.