Our Tutors

Thrive Tutoring is a boutique service in Tennessee for one-on-one, in-home academic tutoring, academic intervention, and test preparation. We also offer advocacy/IEP support, homeschool teacher matching, and group classes.


We love our tutors!


Our work is rooted in relationships. We get to know our students and families on a personal level—we attend sporting events to cheer on our students, join our families for dinner, and stay after tutoring sessions from time to time to play a round of basketball in the driveway. It makes our day to receive texts with excitement about an awesome grade on a big test. We love celebrating your child’s success with you. The genuine relationships we build with our families have a lasting impact—in many cases, far beyond the time we tutor your child.


We do not use a cookie-cutter curriculum or a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning. We start by assessing student learning needs and goals. Then, we develop lesson plans and tailor approach in order to meet the unique needs of each student.


We believe all children can excel academically, regardless of their unique learning needs, their current standing in school, or their socioeconomic status.


Our number one goal is to unlock your child’s potential and get results. We take that responsibility seriously and are consistently driving toward measurable academic results for all of our students. 


We really do love teaching and our enthusiasm is infectious. It might sound obvious, but students learn best from teachers who are passionate about their work. We promise to go above and beyond to help your child become their best.

Meet our Tutors

Gabby Van Nest

Math, Reading/ELA
Gabby graduated with her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education with a minor in biology from Susquehanna University. Gabby has experience teaching multiple grade levels from preschool through fourth grade. She specializes in teaching math and science in the upper elementary age. Gabby currently teaches fourth grade math and science in Nashville, focusing on the relationships between herself and her students.

Jennifer Stewart-Wright

Middle School, High School
Math, Science, Test Prep
Jennifer Stewart-Wright, PhD, has been active in science literacy her whole life. She was enthusiastic about exploring sciences from early childhood. Her educational journey took her from veterinary science to biochemistry with all the specific disciplines along the way. She has a palpable passion for science and loves building that passion and confidence in the students she works with. She has spent as much of her career (more than 30 years) promoting science research and education and teaching at various levels. From tutoring sciences across every age group from pre-K through medical and graduate schools and professionally teaching in high school and university classrooms, she has a wide range of experiences with ages and settings of the audiences.

Jessi Wright

Math, Reading/ELA
Jessi graduated with her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 2013, and her master's degree in Educational Leadership in 2019. Jessi has 9 years of experience teaching Kindergarten through 4th grades in all subject areas. She brings research-based knowledge, hands-on experience, and a data driven mindset to yield results for young learners. Jessi has the skillset to design an educational experience specific to each child, meeting his/her needs on an individual basis. She has a tangible passion for teaching and believes that all children can be successful when provided the right resources. She is so excited to partner with you and your child as they continue on their educational journey.

Julia Styles

Middle School, High School
Math, Science
Julia is an experienced Science educator with 10+ years of experience in the high school and middle schools around middle Tennessee. Passionate about Science education, Julia has a bachelor's degree from Lipscomb University. Julia's skillset lies in teaching various Science and Math content to middle school and high school students, and she is passionate about chemistry! Julia is an organized educator who specializes in identifying gaps in student knowledge and working to help students feel successful in their understanding of the underlying scientific and mathematical concepts. Having taught chemistry and middle school science in both public and private schools in the middle Tennessee area, Julia is also a former lifeguard and swim instructor. In the future, Julia hopes to help students develop an understanding of how science and math affect the world around them!

Kaan Alp

Middle School, High School
Math, Science, Test Prep
Kaan (pronounced like Con) graduated from Vanderbilt pre-med and is starting a master's program in biomedical sciences. He recently took the MCAT and will be heading to medical school in two years. Before Vandy, he attended Emory University studying neuroscience and behavioral biology. His personality is relatable, friendly, and laid-back—students love him. He is masterful at covering nearly all high school subjects, but high school math, science, and ACT/SAT prep are his main areas.

Kara Taylor

Elementary, Middle School
Math, Reading/ELA
Kara graduated from the University of Florida with her bachelor's degree and master's degree in education. She taught 3rd grade in Florida for a few years before moving to Nashville to teach. She has spent most of her years in 3rd and 4th grade with an emphasis on reading. She ended up leaving the classroom after Covid started to do a side project completely unrelated to teaching (she was baking cookies!) and tutoring. She homeschools a family with two children (3rd and 7th graders) across all classes.

Katelyn Hadder

Middle School
Math, SPED
Katelyn graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Educational Interpreting from the University of Tennessee in 2016. Shortly after, she transitioned to Nashville where she was a member of the 2016 Teach For America Greater Nashville corps. During her time in the corps, she graduated from Lipscomb University with her Master's degree in Special Education, worked as a charter elementary school special education teacher, and worked as a MNPS middle school special education teacher. In 2021 she completed her fifth year of teaching special education (fourth year with MNPS) and graduated with her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Katelyn is now transitioning into her new role as an assistant professor in Lipscomb University's College of Education. As a special education teacher, Katelyn worked in both general education settings and intervention settings, and has specialized training in basic reading skills interventions. Additionally, Katelyn is trained in a variety of mathematical and behavioral interventions. Katelyn has a specific passion for early reading, and is well-versed in differentiating curriculum to meet the needs of all learners. Furthermore, Katelyn's experience in both elementary and middle school has provided her with opportunities to learn a variety of curricula across grade levels. Katelyn is excited to continue providing interventions for young learners while she transitions to her new role of working with future teacher candidates.

Katelyn Mase

Math, Reading/ELA
Katelyn is pursuing her master's degree at Vanderbilt's Peabody School of Education. Prior to this, Katelyn was teaching overseas. She has experience working with K-5 in reading, writing, and math. She does a particularly awesome job teaching complex/abstract concepts for literacy and math in a way that they come to life for kids and become more clear and logical in their minds.

Katie Giles

Math, Reading/ELA, Science, Social Studies
Katie graduated with her bachelor's degree in sociology and her master's degree in elementary education, both from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She has been teaching for 13 years, first in Knoxville, her hometown, and now here in Franklin. She has experience teaching all subjects in first and second grades and is currently in her second year of teaching kindergarten at Liberty Elementary in Franklin Special School District. Katie is passionate about early literacy, social-emotional learning, and creating strong parent-teacher partnerships. She is a data nerd and loves to collect and use to create custom paths to success for each of her students. She really enjoys helping and training fellow teachers and serves as her building's instructional technology leader. In the future, Katie plans to go back to school to get her doctorate so that she can positively affect the lives of more and more children.

Kim Hough

Math, Reading/ELA
Kim has been a numeracy coach at an MNPS school for several years now; in this role, she coaches math teachers on how to differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of all the learners in the classroom. Prior to taking on this math position, she was a literacy coach--doing similar coaching work for reading teachers. And before jumping into the instructional coaching world, she was a very successful math teacher for grades 3-5 for five years. She's in her 13th year of teaching/school-based leadership, and she is an absolute rockstar, especially when it comes to teaching math. She's engaging with her lessons, has deep knowledge of various math programs/curricula, and is a hawk with progress monitoring over time.

“Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of a true education.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.