Advocacy + IEP and 504 Plan Consulting

Navigating the special education process can be very challenging. You might be a parent wondering IF your child needs services and how to get the ball rolling with the process or a parent who is concerned about the services your child is receiving (or not receiving but should be). We would love to partner with you so you are equipped to advocate for what your child deserves.

Our advocates work with families in person and remotely to get to the bottom of their situation and walk through the process together. Some families reach out for a quick review of the situation in order to pin down key talking points for an upcoming IEP meeting. Other families work with us for months to unpack what has transpired, review many documents, prepare for future meetings and assessments, and in some cases, attend school-based meetings together. Whatever your situation might be, we would love to partner with you to figure out the best path forward for your child.

Here are some common questions we help families work through:


  • How do I know if my child needs special education services?
  • How do I get an evaluation for special education services?
  • What does my child’s evaluation mean?
  • How should my child be supported at school and at home based on the evaluation information?
  • What accommodations/modifications would be best for my child?
  • Should I get an outside evaluation?
  • What should my child’s IEP goals be?
  • How and when should my child’s progress be monitored?
  • When is it time to decrease the services my child receives?
  • How do I effectively communicate with my child’s school leaders and teachers?